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Admin Supports Transcription Services is a one-stop solution for all of your transcription needs. Our experienced and dedicated team handles all transcription jobs with the utmost professional care. Our primary goal is to provide a professional service to our customers at affordable rates and we guarantee a 98% accuracy rate for "good" audio files with up to two speakers in the recording.

We provide uncompromising quality, timely, convenient delivery, rates within your budget and highly accurate transcripts. All transcripts submitted by our skilled and experienced transcriptionists are proofread, re-verified and reviewed to ensure accuracy. In addition, our online platform is very user-friendly and our transparent pricing model enables you to see the rates for each of your uploaded files before you pay for them.

Transcription Services

  • Business Transcription: We cover all aspects of business transcription like including interview, meeting, conference call, focus group and dictation service transcription.
  • Media Transcription: We also do it from podcast to Video Transcription.
  • Academic Transcription: We cover all formats, whether its text-to-text, digital or audio transcription.
  • Special Transcription: Apart from medical and legal transcription, we provide services for sermon, investigative and insurance transcription among many others.

We at Admin Supports Transcription have established our reputation through transparency, affordability, quality control, and customer service. We try to provide excellent finished transcripts in all fields. we have a diverse team of transcriptionists who are experts in doing so. Industry sources pitch Admin Supports Transcription as a leader in voice transcription and we are always ready to help you with all of your transcription needs.

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