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Data Cleansing and Updating

Data Cleansing and Updating

Data cleaning services include the process of detecting, correcting errors and inconsistencies from a data set in order to improve its quality.

Our aim is not only just to clean the data, but also to bring uniformity to different data sets that have been merged from other sources.

Full suite of data cleansing services:

  • Import Data: Unclean data from your systems is imported into our cleansing system. Typically provided by yourselves in an Excel, CSV or Tab-Separated Text file format.
  • Merge Data Sets: Data from multiple differently formatted sources (eg excel, csv, sql, sap, salesforce etc) is converted and merged into a common database.
  • Rebuild Missing Data: Wherever possible, missing information is recreated (e.g. Post codes, states, country, gender, phone area codes, web address from email addresses etc.).
  • Standardise Data: Data is separated, combined or modified to ensure that the same type of data exists in each column. This step ensures that your contact’s first name, last name, mobile phone number and email address etc. are all in their respective columns.
  • Normalise Data: Similar data is normalised (e.g. mister, Mr., mr are all converted to Mr. Or street, st., strt. are all converted to St.). Telephone numbers are converted to their standard Telstra format or otherwise as advised by yourselves. web addresses and Email formats are also checked, where provided, and reformatted as necessary.
  • De-Duplicate data: Admin Supports use a custom-built fuzzy-matching algorithm to identify potential duplicates. Our methodology provides high accuracy matches with a tolerance for misspelling, missing values or different address orders. For mission critical data, these results are manually reviewed (by either ourselves or our client) and the database updated accordingly.
  • Verify & Enrich Data: Data is validated against internal and external database sources and additional value-adding info is appended. (Eg business contacts can be validated against the White / Yellow pages to verify that their phone number and address are still current. ABNs, ANZSIC codes, credit ratings, geo-coords, key contacts, employee size, profit, revenue, time zones etc can also be returned for each company.
  • Export Data: Data can be exported in numerous formats for example, excel, csv, SQL database, XML, tiff, PDF, or as required. Typically, we return it in the same layout and format that we receive it.

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